Autobronzer Spray Tanning

Brought to you by California Tan, the AutoBronzer is a revolutionary automated sunless spray tanning unit that delivers a pleasurable tanning experience and flawless, golden results in under one minute.

private open-air platform

The latest model California Tan Auto-Bronzer "as seen on Sunset Tan" allows you to achieve an even, natural looking, golden, UV-free tanning result in less than 1 minute. The tan lasts up to 7 days and is comprised of all Premium natural ingredients. This is perfect for a special occasion, or for the keen tanner who wishes to keep their color year round.

The right choice for you:

  • Private spray application
  • Open-air, "non-claustrophobic" unit for a comfortable and stress-free tan
  • Full-body spray tan and auto dry in under one minute
  • Choice of three tanning levels based on body shape and size
  • Immediate perfect, even, golden tan
  • Longer-lasting colour
  • Fast, convenient application with only 2 body positions
  • Easy-to-follow voice instructions
  • Unique DRY tower with no need to towel off

Session Pricing

24Monthly VIPMonthly Unlimited

How to Prepare For a Spray Tan that Lasts

Before you go to get a spray tan, you should make sure that your skin in clean. Shower before your session and use a non-moisturizing mild soap. Also, try not to use any moisturizers, lotions, or makeup before a spray tan as these may block your pores and prevent the tanning solution from interacting with your skin. It's always a good idea to use an exfoliator on your skin before going to a spray tanning booth like those of California Tan.

What to do immediately after a Spray Tan

California Tan solution does develop color in 1-3 hours, so you can shower after 1 hour! The longer you wait to shower though, the darker and truer the color will be. In addition to this, you should try not to work out or participate in any activities that will result in excessive sweating. You may also want to limit your time spent swimming as the chlorine in pools and salt water in the ocean may dry your skin and cause your tan to fade. Don't worry if you see some color washing off after your first shower. This is normal and it is only the cosmetic bronzer that is washing off. Don't rub your skin with a towel after showering; pat it dry instead. Use Tan extending moisturizes which will extend the life of you tan. AfterGlow stocks the Full Range of Sunless California Tan products for your convenience.

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