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Hydration Station

Relax while enhancing your tan

The Hydration Station utilizes Hydrofusion. This extraordinary process creates a single blended energy force through the harmonization of radiant heat and steam. You will be blanketed in both of these simultaneously, transforming your skin into the ideal canvas for UV melanin activation and DHA absorption. The result is naturally cleansed, conditioned, radiant skin.

  • Darker UV tanning results in just one session
  • Even, flawless, sunless results that lasts days longer
  • Advanced absorption of nutrients and active ingredients
  • Smooth, supple, baby soft skin

Perfect Tan

Advanced Tanning Skincare has arrived! The Hydration Station Prepares, Prolongs, and Protects the skin for a rich, beautiful, long-lasting tan.

How The Hydration Station Beautifies Your Skin

Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is responsible for delivering Hydration Station's powerful tan acceleration results. This dynamic energy source is emitted by the sun naturally and produces the same frequency level as our own bodies. Radiant heat is absorbed by water. As humans, our bodies consist of about two thirds water.

Relaxing Steam

Hydration is essential to the life of your tan. With every Hydration Station experience your skin is transformed by the powerful properties of dense steam. As the radiant heat stimulates your skin, steam becomes a natural cleanser preparing it for greater vitamin penetration and absorption while balancing the pH and replenishing moisture lost from tanning.

The result is clean, balanced, hydrated, vibrant skin ideally prepared for melanin activation and/or DHA absorption.

Liquid Vitamins

Every Hydration Station session includes the use of Oxygen Science Concentrates to drench the body in a delightful oxyhydrating moisturization bath.

Every Hydration Station experience includes a specific blend of topical liquid vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, aloe vera and other skin nourishing ingredients. Oxygen Science Concentrates are specifically formulated for tanners and dramatically improve your skin texture and tonality. Choose a customized skincare experience.

The Hydration Station prepares your skin for the absorption of these advanced ingredients and the end result is revitalized skin! Active ingredients include: CoQ10, Hylauronic Acid, Aloe Vera,Vitamins A, E and C, Plant Collagen and Elastin, Green Tea Extract, and more.

Mineral Melanin Concentrate - A tropical boost with coconut and tangerine. Contains: Malachite (Copper) Extract, Green Tea Extract, Dead Sea Mineral Salts, and a Blend of Aromatic Essential Oils. Specifically formulated for Prepare program.

Aloe Concentrate - A soothing blend of cooling aloe, cucumber and melon. Contains: Aloe Vera, Copper, Algae Extract, and a Blend of Aromatic Essential Oils. Specifically formulated for Prolong program.

E and C Concentrate - An energizing blend of oils derived from vitamin-rich citrus fruit. Contains: Tocopherol (Vitamin E), L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), and a Blend of Aromatic Essential Oils. Specifically formulated for Protect program.

Color Spectrum Lights

The Hydration Station has six super-LED chromatic light stations that provide a rainbow of different shades including red, blue, green, jade, yellow, orange, and violet.

Each of the Hydration Station's pre-set programs features a color bath with color changes to relax, balance, and energize your body.

Vibratory Massage Bed

Your body and mind will relax, unwind, and feel the tension drift away as Hydration Station's vibrational massage soothes your body and mind.

You can adjust the vibrational pulsation from restful to vigorous at the touch of a button!

Adjustable Cool Facial Air

You will breathe easy and relax comfortably as you indulge with Hydration Station's adjustable cool facial air.

No claustrophobia, no over heating!

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