Tanning Beds

AfterGlow features three unique tanning beds and one stand up tanner to give you that perfect skin tone. Whether it's your first time or you are looking to maintain your current tan, our beds are customized to all tanning levels. Our bulbs are always fresh to make sure your tan is always perfect!


Tan Level: Intro
Tan Time: 15 Minutes

  • UVB Approx 5%
  • Facial: 3 x 650 watt Adjustable
  • Canopy: 21 x 100 watt reflectors
  • Bench - 15 x 100 watt reflectors

Features: Optimized UV Geometry for X-treme Tanning Results, SST - Smart Service Technology


Tan Level: Advanced
Tan Time: 12 Minutes

  • UVB Approx 4%
  • Facial: 3 x 630 watt
  • Canopy: 21 x 160 watt reflectors
  • Bench - 15 x 160 watt reflectors

A classy bed with tanning power. Italian Style, high performances, comfort, new generation technology all in one great unit: Lp2. This fast low pressure tanning bed combines efficiency and performance with quality and design. With a wide reflecting surface, 36 low pressure lamps and 3 facials, Mp3 stereo system

KBL Tower

Tan Level: Advanced
Tan Time: 11 Minutes

  • UVB Approx 4%
  • 50 x 180 watt reflectors

Features: Stand up tanning station with grab bars for support.


Tan Level: Ultimate
Tan Time: 12 Minutes plus optional 4 minutes after bronzer on face

  • UVB Approx 3.6%
  • Facial/Shoulders: 13 x 250 watt
  • Body: 45 x 160 watt reflectors
  • Side Lamps: 5 x 180 watt reflectors

Sixty-three lamps. Limitless possibilities. The iBed unites feature-driven luxury with stunning design to create a tanning masterpiece. The only facial system with an international patent.

Slowly rotating PowerSpot lamps, no shadows, no heat spots, just the perfect tan.

MP3 Compatible-take your music with you while you tan. The new mp3 player-compatible sound system and sub woofer lets you be in charge of your music. iBed also features Aroma Therapy, Air Conditioning, and Sea Breeze Misting


Sessions / BedElixer Bed (Intro)LP2 & KBL Tower (Advanced)iBed (Ultimate)
1 Session$9.99$13.99$19.99
3 Sessions$26.99$35.99$51.99
6 Sessions$47.99$65.99$95.99
12 Sessions$83.99$119.99$179.99
24 Sessions$155.99$215.99$335.99
Monthly VIP$39.99$59.99$89.99
Monthly Unlimited$59.99$79.99$109.99

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