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Tanning Beds

Golden Level

- KBL Space Tower or LP2 Sport Bed -
  • KBL Space Tower
  • 11 Minute Tan Time
  • Standup Booth (Absolutely NO Tan Lines)
  • More Bronze! 50 Extra Long 2 Meter 180w Body Lamps
  • LP2 Sportarado
  • 12 Minute Tan Time
  • 36 Low Pressure Lamps & 3 Facials
  • Built In Radio & MP3 Stereo System

Platinum Level

- UWE I-Bed -
  • 12 Minute Tan Time and 2-4 Minute Facial "After Bronzer"
  • Facial/Shoulders Lamps: 13 x 250w
  • Body Lamps: 45 x 160w
  • Side Lamps: 5 x 180w
  • Rotating Power Spot Facial Lamps
  • MP3 Player Hookup With Built In Subwoofer
  • Aroma Therapy, Air Conditioning, and Sea Breeze Misting

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